TRIPinas now offers a budget friendly Caramoan tour package!
Are you ready to have an adventure à la Survivor? Don your swimsuit, slather some sunscreen and join us as we explore the rugged and hilly peninsula of Caramoan.
With its fascinating white-sand beaches and tranquil lagoons you are sure to quench your thirst for water-activities.
You need a break from all the aquatic adventures? Then go ahead and can scramble up the limestone cliff in Matukad island or walk around the sleepy town of Caramoan.
So go ahead. Gather your friends and strengthen your bond. Re-connect with your family. Share a romantic getaway with your sweetheart. Or travel by yourself.
TRIPinas will take care of the details so you can just simply enjoy.
Start realizing your dream adventure and book your trip now.

tour package to Caramoan
Photo credit: Carlo Jose Garcia

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✓Round trip aircon bus transfer Manila - Naga - Manila
✓Round trip aircon van transfer Naga - Sabang - Maga
✓Round trip Boat transfer Sabang - Caramoan - Sabang
✓2 nights hotel accommodation
(shared room)
✓Island hopping day 1
Matukad Island, Lahos Island, Tinago cove
✓Island hopping day 2
Sabitan Laya, Cotivas Island, Pitogo, Bag-ing, Manlawi Beach and Sandbar
✓entrance fees to sites that will be visited
✓tour director

Tour dates
We travel to Caramoan from January to May only

Tour type
All our trips are private

What to see : Itinerary highlights

Manlawi sandbar is a sun-worshipper's heaven. Child-friendly, too as the water level's not too dangerously high.
Manlawi sandbar

Matukad island is easily one of the favorite beaches on this side of the peninsula. Popular not only for its white sands but also for its lagoon that showcases its sole swimming inhabitant - scramble up the limestone cliff to find out what it is
caramoan island hopping

An amazing lagoon is hidden on the island. We will climb for 15 minutes before we get a good view on it.
carmoan islands

The Sabitang laya island, triangular in shape, is surrounded by two beaches - Sabitang Laya and Bag-ing - both with crystal clear waters. Have fun playing with the rock formations or just walk along the 2km long beach.
caramoan island hopping rates

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Mother of Peace Grotto - the 530 steps that one need to take to reach the top of Caglago mountain may seem daunting but once you're at the peak, the panoramic view and the Marian image (the biggest in the Philippines) will surely take your breath away
Caramoan, Naga, Camarines sur

St. Michael the Archangel Parish, located in Brgy. Solnopan in Caramoan, was founded by the Franciscan missionaries on 1619. It is one of the oldest churches in Camarines Sur. Whether you're a believer, a history buff or an architecture aficionado, this church is a good place to while away your time. And with its red bricks and wide lawn, you surely won't miss it.
adventure to caramoan

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